Student Handbook

On-Campus Employment

Students are authorized to work on-campus without an EAD card only at the institution that has granted their Form I-20. Initial students may begin work no earlier than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the start of the quarter. Transfer students may not begin work until the transfer process is complete. Students between academic levels may continue on-campus employment with confirmation of intent to enroll in the next academic term. Students may not engage in on-campus employment during the sixty-day grace period following graduation without an EAD card. Students may only work part-time (20 hours per week) while classes are in session, and must maintain full-time enrollment status. In between academic terms, and during a vacation term, students may work a full-time schedule (40 hours per week), as long as they remain in status.

Additional information on policies affecting international students can be found in the International Student Welcome Brochure.