Student Handbook


Students should register for courses in the Campus Academic Office or through their Student Success Coach All prerequisites assigned to a students’ curriculum must be fulfilled before commencing with their program of study. Prior to dropping below a full course of study in any term, an F-1 student must request permission from their Student Success Coach or Market Director. Students may do so under the following conditions: 1) with a licensed medical doctor’s recommendation (which must be presented each quarter, but not to exceed one year/ 4 quarters in total); 2) in the last term of program completion; and 3) with Market Director’s recommendation per USCIS allowable academic reasons. Market Director recommendations must be submitted to the International Student Affairs Office for verification and approval each quarter. Reduced Course Load forms must be submitted prior to the start of every quarter. International students attempting to register for less than full-time without approval will not be permitted to register and their F-1 status will be terminated.

Students requesting a reduced course load due to a medical condition must provide a letter from a doctor on official letterhead and signed by the doctor. The letter must contain the following:

  • ​In the student’s doctor’s medical opinion, it is advised that the student take a reduced course load or not take any classes because of his/her current illness.
  • Duration of time, including a beginning and end date (or indicate for the term), that the doctor advises the student to reduce his/her course load or suspend his/her study due to medical reasons affecting the student personally.
  • If a reduction of the student’s course load is advised, the doctor should specify whether he or she advises the student to take a certain course load (1 course, 2 courses, etc.) for medical reasons.

The documentation cannot be older than 30 days before the start of the term. The student must provide updated documentation prior to EACH quarter, even if the letter indicates the duration of time is longer than the initial quarter. Students may only be on Medical RCL for four (4) quarters throughout the entirety of the program.