Student Handbook

Administrative Swap Policy

Administrative swap allows campus leaders to better assist students on their academic journey as part of the University's ongoing commitment to student success.  The process applies if a student fails a remedial course, fails a course that is prerequisite for a course that a student has enrolled to take in the subsequent quarter, or if a student fails a required course in his or her program that results in the student's GPA falling below a 2.0 at the undergraduate level or 2.5 at the graduate level.  In such an instance, the University will automatically re-enroll the student in the failed course(s).

In the case of remedial course that must be re-taken, the University will re-enroll a student in the failed remedial course or a course that satisfies the remedial requirement.  In the case of a prerequisite course, the University will re-enroll a student in the failed prerequisite course or a prerequisite that satisfies the prerequisite requirement.  In the case of a course required to complete a student's program, the University will re-enroll the student in the required course if failure of the course results in their GPA falling below 2.0 if the student is an undergraduate student or if their GPA falls below 2.5 if the student is a graduate student.

In the event that the University swaps a student's courses, the University will send a student an e-mail within 24 hours notifying the student of the change in their enrollment and the options available to change their enrollment should the student so desire.

Any student may choose to opt-out of the administrative swap by reaching out to the Campus Dean to submit a request to opt-out.  If a student chooses to opt out of the administrative swap and does not enroll in the appropriate course in a subsequent quarter, the University will follow its policies regarding remedial or developmental courses.  If the student chooses to opt out, the student may risk being withdrawn from courses in the subsequent quarter or, in some situations, will be administratively withdrawn. Similarly, for an prerequisite course the student may have failed, the University will withdraw the student form any subsequent course, which could also result in the student being administrative withdrawn.  Administrative withdrawal could impact a student's academic standing with the University and/or their eligibility for future federal financial aid.