Student Handbook

Security Policy

Student safety is of the utmost importance at Strayer University and we all must work together to maintain a safe and secure campus community. Students should maintain awareness of campus safety, and immediately report issues and circumstances that may reduce safety and security for our students.

Any person in immediate danger due to crime or emergency should contact local police immediately by dialing 9-1-1. When the emergency has subsided, the victim should also report the crime as soon as possible to the Campus Director or professor.

For non-emergency situations, any person who is a victim, witness, or has knowledge of any criminal activity or other emergency on campus should report it immediately to the Campus Director or a professor.

Persons reporting possible crimes, or other emergencies, or violations of the Student Code of Conduct may be asked to complete incident or witness statements, which may be distributed to other appropriate University officials as the situation warrants.

Acts of aggression or violence by a student towards other students, staff, and/or faculty will not be tolerated. If a professor or staff member believes that a student is being disruptive, acting inappropriately or poses any threat to a classroom or campus, the professor or staff member may request the student leave the classroom and/or campus. This may include threats to health or general welfare of the campus community.

Violations of the law and/or of the Code of Student Conduct by a student may be referred to outside law enforcement agencies and/or, when appropriate, to the Office of Student Affairs for disciplinary action. When a potentially dangerous threat to the University community arises, reports or warnings may be issued through e-mail or text communications, the posting of flyers at campuses, in-class announcements, or other appropriate means.

Reporting. No later than October 1st of each year, Strayer University will distribute an Annual Campus Security Report to all students, staff and faculty. This report contains additional information on campus security regulations, recommended personal safety practices, campus crime reporting guidelines, and campus crime statistics for the most recent three-year period. The report is distributed via e-mail, which includes a link to the University’s website at . Hard copies are available upon request in the Office of Student Affairs. The report is also available to both prospective and current students at

Security Cameras. Strayer University, in its discretion, may install security cameras at a campus in order to provide increased security monitoring. Cameras will be placed in visible locations in publicly accessible areas and will not record audio signals. Viewing of footage recorded by security cameras is restricted to authorized Strayer University personnel and outside law enforcement, as needed.

Security Guards. Strayer University security guards play an important role in Strayer University campus security operations. Strayer University security guards help students, staff and faculty with safety and security on our campuses. Strayer University security guards check student and staff identification, patrol the campus and grounds, and help report and document security incidents. At some campuses, and only when approved by Strayer leadership, Strayer may use guards or off-duty police officers working in a uniformed security capacity. In an emergency, students can request security guards to call 9-1-1 and report incidents to authorities.

Weapons on Campus. Students may not control or possess any weapon or firearm on Strayer University premises. A student who is a law enforcement officer required to carry a weapon or firearm as part of his/her law enforcement duties may carry a weapon or firearm on Strayer University premises only with prior notice to and approval of the Campus Director and only if the student provides proof of his/her legitimate law enforcement position by presenting valid law enforcement credentials. Upon receiving such a request, and at the beginning of each subsequent academic term in which the student is enrolled, the Campus Director must verify these credentials with the student’s agency and provide the Regional Vice President and the Vice President of Real Estate with a list of students permitted to carry weapons under this policy. Civilian-attired police officers who carry a weapon or firearm on Strayer University premises pursuant to this exception must keep the weapon or firearm concealed so as not to alarm others.

StrayerALERT . Strayer University also has an emergency alert system, StrayerALERT, to provide important information to Strayer University's students, staff, and faculty about emergency situations at a campus or corporate office. StrayerALERT will use email and text messaging to send short notifications to students, staff, and faculty whose email addresses as well as mobile devices have been registered to receive these messages.

Please login to the StrayerALERT system by going to and clicking the 'Register Now' button to initiate the registration process. Please note that to sign-up for StrayerALERT via the registration page, you must use a valid Strayer University email address. Once you have logged into the system, you will need to provide your mobile number, and select the campus or campuses for which you would receive notifications. For more information regarding Strayer University's Emergency Plan as well as the StrayerALERT system, go to

Notice of Crime on Campus . In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act, as well as applicable state laws, information concerning campus security programs, recommended personal safety practices, crime reporting procedures and campus crime statistics for the most recent three year period is available online at and at Copies also are available in the Student Services Offices for students who wish to obtain a printed copy. Any student experiencing or witnessing criminal activity on campus should report it immediately to a security guard, the, Campus Director or a professor. If a student is in immediate danger, report it to the police by dialing 9-1-1. Strayer University will immediately notify the campus community upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health and safety of students or employees. Students in Kentucky may access the most recent Michael Minger Act report for their campus as well as their campus crime log at