Student Handbook

General Eligibility

The general requirements for receipt of student financial aid include the following:

  1. Demonstrated financial need (except for some loan programs)
  2. United States citizenship or eligible non-citizen status
  3. High school diploma or equivalent
  4. Acceptance by the University for enrollment in a degree or certificate program
  5. Enrollment in an eligible academic program
  6. Valid social security number
  7. Registration with Selective Service, if applicable
  8. Maintenance of satisfactory academic progress standards established by the University (see below)
  9. Not in default on a federal student loan or owe money on a federal student grant
  10. Certification that student will use federal student aid funds for educational purposes
  11. Student loan borrowing has not exceeded aggregate loan limits


NSLDS [] is the Department of Education’s central database for student financial aid. Students who request and receive student aid are documented by NSLDS. Loans will be accessible to guaranty agencies, lenders and schools if they are authorized to use the NSLDS system. Students may access this information to see an integrated view of Title IV loans and/or grant information.