Student Handbook

Academic Advising Services

A Strayer University student’s first quality teaching and learning experience begins with academic advising. At Strayer University, our advising program helps students make critical decisions that inform their choices about academic programs of study, paths to program completion, and provides access to tools and resources which students will require for success.

New students are directed to academic advisors to further discuss educational goals, learn about degree program and graduation requirements, and review course selection. In addition to program planning, advisors assist students as they consider the appropriateness of alternative credit options and consider mode of study choices. Advisors offer strategies to guide students who are meeting challenges in their academic programs and they direct students to a range of University resources that will be beneficial in a student’s academic achievement.

Students typically have an assigned advisor or success coach, but the university’s team approach to advising also allows a student to access other degree program advisors across various disciplines, so students are afforded the best counsel possible about degree program planning and course specific considerations.

Strayer University has a range of targeted advising initiatives to support every new and readmitted Strayer University student, any student identified by faculty who appear to be meeting challenges in their course performance, students whose midterm grades place them at-risk for not meeting academic requirements or goals for the quarter, students in academic jeopardy whose academic standing may be probation or suspension, and students who are nearing graduation.