Student Handbook

Inactive Status and Loss of Recognition

Before an organization is declared inactive, the organization’s president may request a hearing before the Student Activities Committee. At the hearing the president must provide evidence that demonstrates the organization’s ability to continue. Loss of recognition may result from the following:

  1. Failure to maintain the required number of members in the organization (a minimum of ten currently enrolled students);
  2. Failure to maintain a faculty advisor;
  3. Failure to provide lists of officers or constitutional changes as required;
  4. Failure to submit financial reports as required by the Student Activities Committee; and
  5. Failure to comply with the University policies and guidelines, e.g., failure to hold regular meetings, submit quarterly activities and financial reports, etc.

An organization may declare itself inactive for a given quarter or quarters by submitting a written request to the Student Activities Committee. Until the organization corrects all deficiencies that caused it to become inactive, the following sanctions apply:

  1. The organization will lose its recognized status;
  2. The organization’s name will not appear in campus publications; and
  3. The organization will be ineligible for any awards or honors available to recognized organizations.